WeGoEverywhere – A Newly Married Couple on an Eternal Honeymoon

We are Emily and Alex from WeGoEverywhere. We are a newly married couple who just sold everything we own – including our house – to travel the world!

Our dreams of full-time travel were ignited in late 2020. Our adventure started when we got married in our dining room via video chat mid-home renovation. We wouldn’t have had it any other way. While we didn’t get to take the honeymoon of our dreams, we figured out that if we use our talents and work hard, we can spend the rest of our lives honeymooning together. Our passion for travel was sparked and We Go Everywhere was born.

Our Story

Emily was a small business owner for 6 years. She had a small handmade shop where she designed and sold themed headband and hair accessories. 

When the pandemic hit, Alex lost his job in sales, and Emily had to add mask-making to the lineup to help make ends meet. Alex started helping out in the shop and realized he loved being self-employed, but wasn’t in love with being a crafter. 

We knew we wanted to continue to work together. So, we decided to sit down and combine all of our passions and write them on a huge piece of paper. Then, we circled the ones we had in common – Travel, Filmmaking, Photography, Art, Style.

We had always heard the best way to start was to… start! It took a few months of experimenting, learning, and re-branding. We started a YouTube channel and made several different kinds of videos before we settled on travel as a subject. We then proceeded to make some videos that didn’t really feel like us, because we were too worried about what we thought other people wanted. 

But, we realized in order to be truly happy, we had to strip it down to what we wanted the most. Five months later, we officially landed on We Go Everywhere. 

Now, we honeymoon full-time and bring you with us! Thanks for going everywhere with us!

Our mission: see the world and share it with like-minded people.

Want to work with us? Thank you!

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Emily : emily@wegoeverywhere.co

Alex : alex@wegoeverywhere.co

Travel Map of Places We Have Been