Emily: How it really feels to start selling [almost] everything you own

I know I am lucky that selling some of my favorite things is my choice. But, that doesn’t mean it is entirely fun. In this video, I open up about how it feels to be surrounded by a room full of things that you love… but you love your dream much more. It is freeing, it is exciting, it is also bittersweet and sad. Going through all of your things forces you to confront your feelings about them. Sometimes it sparks a great memory and sometimes its a painful one. Sometimes you want to barf at the thought of selling an item and sometimes you want to barf at the thought of keeping it any longer!

The main takeaway for me was that I had a room full of stuff I haven’t looked at since I closed my office door six months ago. Most of these things are just taking up precious space for me at a time when our space is about to be limited to what we can fit in a car or a suitcase. I love our dream of adventure more. And the best thing about it is that my most-loved things found great new home with some of you! Maybe they went toward making your collection complete. And I love that!

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