Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, San Diego, California

Sunset at Sunset Cliffs, San Diego, Ca
Sunset at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, San Diego, Ca

As the name suggests, these rocky cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean provide an amazing place to watch a dazzling Southern California sunset. The park is 68 acres total, but the most attractive area is the 18-acres that span the cost between Adair and Ladera Streets.

During low tide, there are even sea caves in the area you can explore if you are brave enough. But, the tide was coming in by the time we got there, so we will have to go back another time.

Instead, we picked up some takeout and spread out a blanket for a sweet picnic dinner on a freaking cliff overlooking the ocean!!!

There are three access points to the Sunset Cliffs, (Ladera Street, Luscomb Point, and Osprey Street), that each have a small parking lot as well as street parking available. We visited the Osprey Street area of the park. There are no restroom facilities at the park.

As the sun began to set, we changed into our wedding clothes for April’s wedding photo. (We take new wedding photos every month). This backdrop is romantic, dramatic, and couldn’t be more perfect for a wedding shoot. In fact, there was a couple actually getting married on the neighboring cliff! So, if you are looking for a breathtaking place to have a small wedding, check facility rental here.

In order to get on top of the rocks, you may need to be able to climb down any number of small, steep trails that lead down to the flat overhangs. Just be sure to exercise caution. If you play it safe you aren’t in any extreme danger, just don’t get too comfortable and let your guard down.

There is actually tons more to see at Sunset Cliffs, including caves and tide pools. So, if we return for further activities, we will update here.

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