Joah Beauty – Emily’s new go-to budget and bunny friendly beauty brand under $20

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I started using Joah as soon as I heard about them. They are an affordable beauty line that is 100% cruelty free. Most of their products are vegan as well. Check each product listing because they will always say there.

Joah Beauty is owned by Kiss Products, so their website combines Kiss, Impress Nails, and Joah all together with a universal shopping cart. Everything is under $20 and most items are under $10. And it is not junk. I have been using these products for months and they are worth more than you pay.

Crystal Glow Refreshing Luminizer Skin Mist

My favorite Joah product has been the Crystal Glow Refreshing Luminizer Skin Mist. This products was gifted, but at just under $20, I don’t have to beat myself up for purchasing a replacement when it’s empty. I spray it before makeup application and after. Sometimes I spray it throughout to day for some additional moisture. It leaves the skin feeling refreshed and also preps it nicely for makeup. I have been using it for about 6 weeks now and I have noticed much smoother skin. It has a really nice, light fragrance too. I am not one for heavy scents, but this one is just right for me. It’s a refreshing aroma that doesn’t linger.

Another surprising Joah find is Lash Uprising, the best waterproof mascara I have ever used. And whenI say waterproof, I mean you have to use makeup remover to even budge it. (But Joah has you covered there too).

One word of caution, be extremely careful when applying the mascara. If you have already done your eye shadow it can mess it up because it will not come off with a scrub or water. You will have to use makeup remover to fix it and then. I learned that it is best to apply the mascara first, then do your shadow. If you have to use any makeup remover before your shadow, be sure to wash it off with a wet q-tip and dry it completely. You do not want a greasy lid under there or your shadow will not sit well.

But seriously this stuff does not come off! It doesn’t even flake. I do not use it daily, but it is always nice to have a waterproof option. They also make a Lash Uprising Washable formula which I will have to try.

Micellar Water - Love You Matcha
The Micellar Water Makeup Remover
Waterproof Makeup Remover Wipe
Makeup Remover Wipes
Lash UPrising Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara Waterproof
Lash Uprising

I have also been having a lot of fun with the Kiss and Impress manicures. I know not many of us have been to the nail salon in a while, but for me, it has never been a priority. I always worked with my hands and only got my nails done when I was on vacation.

Well, now I vacation full-time, but I am still somehow very hard on my nails. So, I love that I can use the press-on or glue-on nails for less than $10 a manicure and they last a week. They have lots of fun designs. I chose a mermaid-esque set called Dew Drop, a checkered set (race fan here), and a solid red set so far.

Here are all my top Joah picks:

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