How Much Did We Really Spend on Our Cross-County Disney World Road Trip?


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This cute little map popped up on Alex’s Google timeline today showing all of his location tracking from the last few months and it reminded me I promised to let you guys know how much we spend on gas driving across the country.

A Google Map of our cross-country road trip.

Well, I figured while I was at it, I would give you a total for the whole trip.

Total $5318.23

Gas (from Palm Springs, CA to Kissimmee, FL round trip)Meals on the Road (Includes groceries for 3 weeks)Lodging (New Orleans, LA and Kissimmee,FL)Meals at Disney 10 day Disney Tickets (2 adults)Parking at Disney (Standard)Disney Merch/Gifts
The breakdown of our expenses

Additional factors to consider

We can only report on what we did, but this should give you an idea about how much it may cost you. Here are some additional things to think about.

All-in-all, I am pleasantly shocked at the $5318.23 number. I really thought it was twice that!

  • We are a family of two adults. So, while having a larger family may not increase you gas or lodging bills, it will certainly increase your food, ticket and merchandise expense.
  • We left Palm Springs, CA on December 28th, 2020 and returned January 18th, 2021. So, we were gone from home (and work) for three weeks. Now, we did stop for a three day visit with family in Texas, and in New Orleans for two nights. Obviously it is not necessary to make additional stops, and maybe you aren’t traveling from as far away as California.
  • We also have pets who were cared for by family members. Otherwise, we would have paid over $1000 in pet boarding. Anywhere between $1000-1500 for essentially 21 days for a dog and a cat. I don’t think this trip would have happened without help with our pets.
  • While at Disney, we stayed off-property at an Airbnb. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend the one we stayed at since we had lots of issues. If you would like some recommendations for staying off-property, you can visit this blog post. We did really like our New Orleans Airbnb which you can find here. Staying on-property would definitely add at least $100 a night, but perhaps save you on parking. There is lots of good info in the other blog post about weighing your options there.
  • We ate breakfast at the hotel all but one day while at Disney World. We packed a lunch for 6 out of 10 days there and went back to the hotel for dinner a few times too. Our in-park food costs would have been much higher if we had eaten every mean there. We did spend about as much in groceries, but the groceries were for the entire portion of the three weeks we were on the trip.

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