Our Adventure [Rainbow] Shelf


We have lived on our house for over a year and have barely began to decorate. We have had lots of bigger renovation projects that just seem to always take precedence. We gutted the existing kitchen, then ripped out the floors. Lots of violent destruction was done to this poor old house, and there was a mess to go with it. Frankly, we needed a break from large messes for the time being, even though that means the bathrooms will have to wait.

We realized we were living in a blank canvas, and it was time to start painting it with some personality! We have talked about a rainbow shelf for a while and we finally got started.

The BEFORE photo. Six empty shelves and a carousel horse.

We wanted to almost go full-on rainbow and use six shelves for RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, VIOLET (leaving out INDIGO – the transition between blue and violet).

What does that mean right now? We have six empty shelves! Because we want to fill them with all new things we bring home from our adventures together!

This is a mockup of to show what colored objects we are going to place on each shelf
Watch us explain the rainbow shelves and see Alex install them here

These are the criteria we will be following for selecting our items:

  • It has to be some shade of RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, or VIOLET.
  • We both have to agree that the item has significant meaning to both of us.
  • It has to be something we picked up on an adventure. An adventure can mean anything from a trip to the local antique store or a trip around the world. Just as long as we are there together.

We know it will take a while for the shelf to fill up, but that is the point. We not only want it to represent the journeys, but we want it to be a fun on-going activity for us.

Along with the shelf items, we want some adventure art, too! We picked up a fun print by Disney artist William Gay at Epcot International Festival of the Arts. It definitely meets the print criteria. It is meaningful to both of us because it perfectly represents some of our favorite things about Disney Parks and it is from a Disney World adventure.


For the other print, we partnered with Mapiful. Mapiful makes it possible to highlight the most meaningful moments and places in your life. They offer high-quality custom prints that are easy to personalize.

Of course, we decided on a map of Disneyland. We chose the “Sky” style and customized it further to combine it with the “Modern” theme. The style reminds me of a blueprint and makes me think of those old videos of Walt looking at blueprints of Disneyland.

Examples of other rainbow shelf decor ideas

We chose an 18×24″ print with a metallic gold frame and it looks perfect in our place.

Visit Mapiful now to start building tour own adventure print. Use code MAPIQ1 for 10% off your order. (Copy code and paste it at checkout).

And if you want to create your own custom rainbow shelves, you don’t have to make it a whole wall. You can use any size or shape shelf to add a little rainbow to your daily life. Here are some examples of some smaller project ideas. You can even do a bookshelf and let your books create the rainbow. This would also be an excellent way to give new life to books or objects from the thrift store. That way you could fill up a shelf a little quicker without spending too much all at once. And I’m sure like us, most of you probably already have some objects around the house that could get you started.

You may also be wondering about the carousel horse on the shelf. How did he make the cut already? Well, the horse was carved by my Grampy and painted by my Grammy, and I used to admire it so much as a kid. I always wanted to play with it but, of course, I wasn’t allowed to. When my dad went to help clean out their house, he saved it for me. He said he knew Grammy and Grampy would want me to have it. And that is why it is our first object of significance on the shelf. Alex gets to pick a favorite object from his childhood to represent his journey so far, too. The rest of the memories will be made together.

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