A Winter Look Inspired by Canada – Everyday Disney Style

Emily and Alex at the foot of Mount San Jacinto, Palm Springs, Ca.

Since Alex’s dad was Canadian, we has always had an interest in the Great White North. He loved Epcot’s Canada Pavillon so much and the steak at Le Cellier made him cry actual tears of joy. So, he chose to this Canada Epcot World Showcase hoodie as his souvenir.

When it snowed for two days in the mountains surrounding Palm Springs, we decided to go pretend we were in Canada. So, I dressed to match Alex’s hoodie because I already had a lot of Buffalo plaid in my wardrobe.

I’m a glamorous lumberjack (and I’m ok)

You may argue the Buffalo plaid fad came and went last year, but I argue that everything can always be approached in a new way. For me, I added some ridiculously over-elaborate pieces of vintage costume jewelry and a glitter snowflake on my face.

I am currently very into wearing costume jewelry with everyday looks. It adds a real pop of style that you can’t miss, but somehow doesn’t overpower the casual ease of the outfit. I am wearing this Buffalo plaid thermal with blue jean, a black belt, and black combat boots. (Although I am now realizing I forgot to take a full-length image of this look to show the whole outfit. Whoops!)

This is the eyelash glue that I order from Amazon. This is an affiliate link and we may earn a small commission from any purchases made through this link.

You may notice my necklace has a matching hair accessory. Well, that is a clip-on earring from this vintage costume jewelry set that used to belong to Alex’s Nana! That’s right, I clipped an earring to my hair elastic for a fancy ponytail adornment.

The snowflake decoration is from a box of Christmas craft supplies I have had lying around for years. I glued it (yes, glued it!) to my upper cheekbone, right below my eye using eyelash glue. This eyelash glue is gentle enough for your eyelids, so using it on the rest of your face should be no problem. Just make sure to wash your face really well after you wear your jewels to clean out your pores. Here is what I use from Amazon:

Here are some examples of the really inexpensive costume jewelry pieces I have on my Amazon List:

Other great ways to find costume jewelry?

  1. Raid your mother’s, grandmother’s, aunt’s, sister’s, whoever’s old stuff. I got most of mine by going through some old boxes tha belonged to Alex’s Nana with my mother-in-law and uncles. Nana had some excellent extravagant taste. We would have gotten along well.
  2. Try Thrift stores and Antique malls.
  3. Look at the clearance jewelry at department stores, etc. Costume jewelry, especially clip-ones, often end up on major discount.
  4. Go into those odd little discount accessories stores in strip malls and see what they have.

Remember, if you are going to be wearing this with casual looks/Disney looks, that means not breaking the bank on them in case you lose a “hair accessory” on a ride. Good news is that if you found a set of clip-ones, you probably have a backup too!

This link will take you to a list of some cute buffalo plaid tops for women.

This link will take you to some buffalo plaid hoodies.


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