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In case you don’t know, it is actually perfectly acceptable to bring your own food and drink to Disneyland and Disney World. This is a sure fire way to guarantee you don’t go hungry due to a food allergy or dietary preference. We often pack a sandwich, chips, and a few Cliff Bars in our park bag. But, that is honestly in an effort to save money because we know there are plenty of allergy-friendly offerings at the Parks.

Our obligatory disclaimer here:
1. We can only truly report on the allergies that we have – I (Emily) am DAIRY FREE, (DF) EGG FREE (EF), GLUTEN FREE (GF). I also do not eat most nuts, but I am not reporting on nut allergies here since I do eat coconut. My meals were free of all other nuts, however. I will report NUT FREE (NF) where I am certain. Alex is DAIRY FREE (DF). Since that is our concern, that is what we focus on when ordering.

2. You can ALWAYS speak with a Chef or a Coordinator before any order you place at any food service location on property. They will tell you exactly what they can do for you. Disney dining locations have allergy menus and they are even usually on the Park apps if you scroll down on the menus. (Dining locations at Disney Springs and Downtown Disney are not Disney-owned and operated, but in my experience they are very accommodating there as well).

Even though you can theoretically go to any dining location and probably find something you can eat, we know it is more exciting to plan on something you can look forward to. That is why we have decided to share all of the meals we ate on property on our January 2021 trip.

Magic Kingdom – Liberty Tree Tavern – Liberty Square

Order: 2 all-you-care-to-enjoy Patriot Platters (GF/DF/EF), 1 Beer, 1 Angry Orchard Cider (GF)

Total meal cost $103.76

Reservations are recommended for this table service location. There is a walk-up list, but it is not guaranteed.

We traveled during my birthday and the thing I was most excited about was eating at Liberty Tree Tavern again. So, we made my birthday dinner reservations there.

Ok, let me at that Patriot Platter! So, you may wonder how on Earth I am able to eat a Thanksgiving dinner with so many allergies. Everything you get on the Patriot Platter with the exception of the macaroni and cheese can be made to be GF/EF/DF/NF (Fish Free and Soy Free, too)! Go ahead and add it to the list of things you are thankful for. That means you can get an all-you-care-to-enjoy portion of Bread, Salad, Turkey, Pot Roast, Mashed Potatoes, Veggies, and Stuffing. There are also a Raspberry Sorbet and Allergy-Friendly cookie for dessert that are free from all of these allergens as well. If your list of allergies isn’t as extensive, you are in luck because your list of dessert options just grew! Check out the menu for specifics (scroll to bottom for allergy menus) but know even if you are allergic to almost everything, you can still eat this:

Allergy-Friendly Patriot Platter pictured with GF bread

There is also an entirely vegan option for the feast: Revolutionary Impossible Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Veggies, and Mushroom Gravy.

Epcot – Rose & Crown Dining Room – UK Pavillon

Order: 1 Fish and Chips (DF), 1 Baked Fish and Chips (GF/EF/DF/NF), 1 Strongbow (GF), 1 Snake Bite Imperial Pint

Total meal cost $85.42

Reservations are recommended for this table service location. There is a walk-up list, but it is not guaranteed.

When in London, even fake London, you eat Fish and Chips. And in fake London you pay $23-25 for them and you say thank you may I have another? But seriously, the Baked Fish and Chips are a fantastic replacement when you need an GF/EF/DF option. The fish is baked in such a way that it is actually really crisp without being overcooked. Alex is only allergic to Dairy, so he enjoyed the regular version of the Fish and Chips which is DF as is right off the menu! I enjoyed a GF Strongbow, but not gonna lie, I miss Guinness sometimes!

Rose & Crown Dining Room

For Vegan options: Savory Impossible Hot Pot

Epcot – Sunshine Seasons – Future World inside The Land

Order: 1 Bacon Hamburger (DF), 1 Bacon Hamburger with Allergy-Friendly Bun (GF/EF/DF/NF), 1 Plant-Based Cookies ‘n “Cream” Chocolate Mousse Cup (EF/DF and GF with no cookies – may contain coconut)

Total meal cost $31.15

Quick Service – No reservation needed

Was this the most remarkable meal ever? Nope. But, we were just plain hungry and trying to stay away from the World Showcase at night (if you know, you know). We ordered two bacon burgers without cheese (DF/EF and GF with Allergy-Friendly bun substitution). Chef Jose was wonderful to us here. We wanted to make sure the Allergy-Friendly bun covered all my needs and he said he was 99% sure it did but he would go grab a box with a list of ingredients to make sure. He came to our table ten minutes later with a box of buns to show us we had nothing to worry about. This honestly made a completely regular burger and chips seem amazing. The best thing he did, however, was modify the Plant-Based Cookies ‘n “Cream” Chocolate Mousse Cup to be GF for me. It is vegan (EF/DF) as is. The only thing that adds Gluten is the Oreo crumb topping. Chef Jose put the topping in a separate container so that Alex could have some and I could still enjoy the mousse!

Bacon Burger at Sunshine Seasons – Burger on left has Allergy-Friendly bun

It really pays to speak with a Chef. They can turn a would-be ho-hum meal into a real treat for you!

Epcot – Le Cellier – Canada Pavillon

Order: 1 Filet GF/EF (modified to be DF), 1 Maple-Glazed Brussels Sprouts (GD/EF/DF), 1 Plant-Based Poutine (GF/EF/DF), 1 Ottawa Apple Cocktail, 1 Windsor Old Fashioned

Total meal cost $118.22

Reservations are recommended for this table service location. There is a walk-up list, but it is not guaranteed.

Le Cellier Filet – AKA the Steak that made Alex cry. If you open his diary, you will find a sonnet dedicated to this steak. And as someone who isn’t a big hunk-o-meat fan, I can tell you that he is not overreacting. This is the best steak we have ever had and the best meal on property.

We spoke with Chef Juan before ordering to confirm our choices. We had to modify the steak to be prepared without the truffle butter (not needed at all) and we had to substitute the risotto (contains dairy) with some fingerling potatoes.

I ordered the Maple Whiskey-glazed Brussels Sprouts (GF/EF/DF and Vegan as is) and the Plant-Based Poutine (GF/EF/DF and Vegan as is). The Plant-Based Poutine is not on the menu but just ask for it. The Brussels Sprouts were amazing and the Poutine was fun for us because we have never been able to have it before.

Both meals came with bread service. Alex’s DF version was a dinner roll and a pretzel roll. Mine was two GF dinner rolls. Both came with DF/EF/GF/Vegan Salted Maple Sugar “Butter”. You guys, I don’t even like butter and I was basically getting a spoon for this.

Both of our drinks featured Maple flavors which was fun and on theme. We both agreed we liked the Ottawa Apple a little better than the Old Fashioned, but the Old Fashioned was a strong pour for sure!

For Vegan options: Brussels Sprouts, Plant-Based Poutine, Steamed Asian Impossible Dumplings

Epcot – Festival of the Arts Offering (until Feb. 22, 2021)-Mexico Booth

Order: 1 Chile Relleno (GF/EF/NF and modified to be DF)

Total meal cost $7.25

Quick Service – No reservation needed

We were so excited that it was easy to modify this dish. It is GF/EG/NF as is. To make it DF, they removed the Poblano Cream Sauce which I am sure is delicious, but we didn’t miss it! It was still so good without it! It was only slightly spicy if that is a concern to you. I don’t tolerate spice well and this was right there in that sweet spot of being flavorful instead of atomic.

Menu from the Festival of the Arts Mexico booth

Epcot – Festival of the Arts Offering (until Feb. 22, 2021)-Festival Favorites

Order: 1 Remy’s Ratatouille, (GF/EF/DF/NF- Vegan), 1 Cold Fashioned Coffee Cocktail (GF/EF/DF/NF- Vegan)

Total meal cost $14.50

Quick Service – No reservation needed

Remy’s Ratatouille is one of the Vegan offerings at Festival of the Arts, but it wasn’t labelled as GF, which was weird because some things were. So, the cast member made a quick call to the Chef to confirm the Ratatouille is GF and the Coffee Cocktail was DF. Check! And we got to eat the cutest little tasty lump of veg that looked just like Remy made it! The cocktail was very good too! Coffee and whiskey are flavors that never disappoint us.

Remy’s Ratatouille and the Cold Fashioned cocktail

Hollywood Studios – Rosie’s All-American Cafe – Sunset Blvd.

Order: 1 Plant-Based Lobster Roll (DF/EF – Vegan), 1 Plant-Based Lobster Roll on Allergy-Friendly Bun (GF/DF/EF/NF – Vegan)

Total meal cost $22.36

Quick Service – No reservation needed

I was so excited… for Alex… when I saw this DF (Vegan) option. But, I honestly didn’t expect to be able to eat it too. I did a small dance when I spoke to a Coordinator and was told they have an Allergy-Friendly (GF/DF/EF/NF) bun for this Plant-Based Lobster Roll. I have never had a lobster roll, but Alex says pretty good job on making it as close to the real thing as they could. The “lobster” is hearts of palm, so the texture is not spot on, but it is good enough for me! It is heavy on the sauce, but you can request it on the side if you aren’t feeling too saucy. It is served with home-style potato chips (GF/EF/DF) Overall it is a fun and filling treat.

Hollywood Studios – Milk Stand – Galaxy’s Edge

Order: 1 Blue Milk with Rum, 1 Green Milk with Tequila

Total meal cost $29.82

Quick Service – No reservation needed

Alex had never tried the Blue or Green Milk (GF/DF/EF – Vegan) before, so what better time? We opted to add the alcohol, but it truly didn’t change the taste much. Since it is already a sugary drink, you couldn’t really taste the booze. So, keep that in mind as these could make for a dangerous hangover. We liked both, but the Green a bit better. It is more citrusy while the Blue is more floral and fragrant.

Blue and Green Milk

Animal Kingdom – Tamu Tamu – Africa

Order: 1 Dole Whip Float with Coconut Rum (GF/EG/DF)

Total meal cost $11.72

Quick Service – No reservation needed

We can echo the sugary drink statement here. Dole Whip does not taste much different with a rum floater, and we wouldn’t recommend more than one unless you are in your early 20s lol! Hangover warning! But it is our favorite (GF/EF/DF – Vegan) sweet treat standby.

Animal Kingdom – Satu’li Canteen – Pandora

Order: 1 Chili-Spiced Crispy Fried Tofu Bowl with Rice and Black Beans, Slaw, and Green Onion Vinaigrette (GF/EF/DF – Vegan), 1 Chopped Wood-Grilled Chicken Bowl with Rice and Beans and Green Onion Vinaigrette (GF/EF/DF)

Total meal cost $32.48

Quick Service – No reservation needed

The names of these dishes are as long as Alex’s ode to the Le Cellier Steak. But, there is a reason I can’t go to AK without eating at Satu’li. It is really consistent, reliable, hearty, filling and tasty. It is one of the easiest quick serves to order allergy-friendly and vegan. The Tofu Bowl with the choice of Rice and Beans or Hash bases and the Charred Green Onion Sauce is vegan as is. It is also GF/EF/DF like that. There are so many allergy-friendly combinations on this menu. The Disney app allergy menu is a bit unclear about the bases and sauces, so just be sure to ask a Coordinator or Chef. Some contain honey (Salad and Lo Mein) and some contain dairy (Creamy Herb Dressing) and the Black Bean Vinaigrette contains fish sauce. So, I say it is easy because there are lots of options, but I do highly recommend asking for help to navigate them.

Chili-Spiced Crispy Fried Tofu Bowl with Rice and Black Beans, Slaw, and Green Onion Vinaigrette (GF/EF/DF – Vegan)

Animal Kingdom – Yak & Yeti – Asia

Order: 1 Sweet & Sour Chicken (GF/EF/DF), 1 Korean Beef (DF), 1 Pink Himalayan Cocktail (GF/EF/DF), 1 Snap Decision Cocktail (GF/EF/DF)

Total meal cost $87.47

Reservations are recommended for this table service location. There is a walk-up list, but it is not guaranteed.

It was pretty easy to order for our allergies at Yak & Yeti. The server was knowledgable about the ingredients and wrote down our allergies. They said the chef will make us the dish we wanted and make sure to eliminate any allergens. The Sweet & Sour Chicken (GF/EF/DF as is) is grilled, not breaded, so that already eliminated most of my concerns. The sauce does not contain gluten and it is served with rice, so I was set! Alex’s Korean Beef was DF, but not GF because the sauce contained soy sauce. It was also served with rice. The food rated a steady “okay” with us. Not bad, but no postcards home were written. The cocktails we had, however, were most impressive. I loved the flavors of the Pink Himalayan, and Alex’s Snap Decision was a stout and tasty pour.

Kona Cafe – Disney’s Polynesian Resort – Upstairs Lobby

Order: 1 Tonga Toast (modified to be DF), 1 Tonga Toast (modified to be GF/EF/DF), 2 coffees with soy milk

Total meal cost $42.16

Reservations are recommended for this table service location. There is a walk-up list, but it is not guaranteed.

You may have heard about Tonga Toast, but assume you can’t eat it. We’ve got good [morning] news! Tonga Toast is (usually) a brick of Cinnamon French Toast stuffed with bananas and topped with Strawberry compote. It is a completely ridiculous, non-nutritional, not part of any complete breakfast indulgence that everyone should risk a sugar crash for at least once.

It is available GF/EF/DF and Vegan or any combination of these things!

In this photo you will see Alex’s DF version à la brick-the-size-of-your-head. (It is the square one). That is what it normally looks like, unless it is ordered GF, and then you get those three sweet little dumplings you see on my plate. (I also left off the Strawberry Compote because I tested allergic to strawberries once and I don’t mess).

The GF version tastes just as good as the Vegan version. I can attest to this since I previously enjoyed the Vegan version before I developed my gluten sensitivity. The main difference is that the GF bread is more dense, but if you are GF then you are used to that!

We opted for a side of bacon and sausage. If you are Vegan, they have plant-based breakfast “meats” as well. They also have a Plant-Based Loco Moco Bowl.

Blaze Pizza – Disney Springs

Order: 1 Pizza with Vegan (Daiya) cheese (DF), 1 Pizza with Gluten Free Crust and Vegan cheese (GF/EF/DF)

Total meal cost $27.91

Quick Service – No reservation needed

Pizza is always easy when you are tired, hungry, and in a calorie deficit from walking all day. YOU NEED CARBS! Walk a little further to Blaze Pizza in Disney Springs and build your own pizza. You can customize it to be DF/EF/GF. The Original Dough crust is DF/EF and Vegan as is. The Gluten Free crust is DF/EF/GF and Vegan as is. They offer DF/Vegan Daiya cheese and plenty of other veggies and topping that can work for any allergy or dietary restrictions.

Best enjoyed when brought back to your lodgings and eaten in bed.

Those are all the allergy-friendly dining experiences we had on this trip. We can’t wait to share more with you in the future and hear your favorites as well! We hope this guide has helped give you some things to look forward to trying. We know it is not comprehensive, so remember to always ask a Chef!

You can watch us eat and/or review most of these meals on YouTube, too!

Also, I made a little list of really cute shirts that would be so fun to wear to A Taste of the Festival of the Arts or anytime while eating around Disney Parks!

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