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I am NOT a licensed hair stylist. I am a vivid hair color enthusiast who has learned a lot from my generous hair stylists and a lot of my own research. Follow all directions on product manufactures label.


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Bleach – I highly recommend getting your hair professionally bleached. If you are confident in doing it yourself, I recommend Arctic Fox Bleach, Please (Vegan, Cruelty Free)

ColorLime Crime Unicorn Hair (Vegan, Cruelty Free), Arctic Fox Vegan Semi-Permanent Hair Color (Vegan, Cruelty Free)

Color Enhancing Shampoo/ConditionerLime Crime Hair Color Shampoo and Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Color Conditioner and Keracolor Clenditioner – this is a great way to refresh your hair color as it begins to fade with washing. It is also a way to subtly wash color into your hair if you are going for a pastel, tint, or not sure you are ready to commit.

Shampoo/Conditioner with no added color – Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Wash & Rinse or EVO Ritual Salvation Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner

TreatmentOlaplex 3 – next time you wash your hair after bleaching/dying, leave Olaplex on wet (toweled) hair for at least 10 minutes before you shower. Then rinse Olaplex out of hair and wash and condition your hair as usual.

I highly recommend having your hair professionally bleached. In order to achieve vivid, saturated colors, I bleach my hair about every 2 months. Sometimes I go longer if I can when I am doing darken colors that make my roots less noticeable. You may not have to bleach your hair. The hair pigments are formulated for bold results on platinum hair and to give deep tints to darker hair. All of the photos here show the color on pre-lightened hair, which will give the most vibrant results.

The photo on the left is done professionally. That is why it is more platinum. The photo on the right show the results when I used Arctic Fox Bleach, Please. I recommend this kit for its ease of use as it contains everything you need, even gloves!

I do not recommend bleaching your hair by yourself if you have never had it done before or never worked with hair color before. This step can be very damaging. Take it from someone who’s hair has been the exact same length for years because she can’t stop bleaching it in order to dye it interesting colors!

I will say my hair has never been in better condition than when it was under the care of a professional. But, sometimes budget constraints and other factors (hi COVID) get in the way. As a way to save money, I started getting my hair professionally lightened and then playing with my own color pigments at home. (In light of the pandemic, I started bleaching my hair at home this year too). But, years of going to an amazing stylist (hi Rachael!) taught men a lot. Spending extra money on the right hair care products, like shampoo, really does make a difference.

The hair color I use at home does not damage your hair. Since I am unkind to my hair with chemical bleach, I only use conditioning pigment depositing hair color. The brands I use are basically like colored conditioner.

The most frequent question I get asked about my hair color is “which is your favorite hair color?” Purple! I always end up going back to purple!

My favorite purples are Lime Crime Pony and Arctic Fox Purple Rain with Keracolor Purple Clenditioner to keep it vibrant through washes. You can see sometimes I only apply the color to the root and leave the rest blonde. I love the way it makes the unnatural color have a almost natural presentation.

I often do a tertiary color ombre (below). I love using blue violet with red violet. I usually do the darker blue violet on the lower half of my hair and the brighter red violet on the top. This color is Arctic Fox Purple Rain on the bottom and Arctic Fox Violet Dream on the top.

It is very hard to choose a favorite. I have been many shades of pink and red. This red color below was professionally done, but I have since recreated it with Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Strawberry Jam and achieved similar results by mixing Arctic Fox Poison mixed with Virgin Pink at the roots and mid shaft. Mixing colors to make your own hues is also super fun and makes you even more unique. If you know any color theory, it applies here too since these are just pigments and not chemicals.

Yellow is good for right after you bleach because you can have fun with electric blonde before it fades nicely back to platinum and you can throw another color on again. The first two photos below are done with Lime Crime Unicorn Hair in the tint Tweet and the last one with Arctic Fox Cosmic Sunshine.

Orange is the natural unnatural next step to take. Since orange and yellow are both warm tones, it is a smooth transition. Here, I applied Arctic Fox Sunset Orange from the roots to mid shaft and Arctic Fox Cosmic Sunshine to the ends. As the roots grew out and faded, I washed with Keracolor Copper.

When switching between warm and cool colors, I either bleach my hair (if it’s time) or let it fade naturally through washing in hot water with non-colored shampoo.

I was surprised how much I loved this teal! I have never had green hair, but this is probably as close as I would ever get. This is Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Dirty Mermaid diluted with Lime Crime Mixer Dilute and cared for with Keracolor Teal. The Mixer Dilute turns and color into a pastel or lighter tint. You can also use your regular conditioner to dilute pigment color before you apply it.

My least favorite color on is was this dark blue. I really couldn’t even find that many photos of it because I couldn’t let it fade fast enough! But, here is Minnie telling me that she loves it because she is a sweet and magnanimous queen who is kind to all. This is Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Blue Smoke washed as many times as I possibly could! May it look better on you! It is a very pretty color, but I think it was just too dark and cool for my skin tone.

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Aside from not really liking the dark blue, I have never had any disasters. Always make sure to follow the directions on the products. Hope seeing me try all these colors gives you some inspiration to have some colorful hair! Let me know if you have any questions and what vivid colors you have tried!

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